Timbiriche – “La Banda Timbiriche (Disco Ruido)” (1983)

In 1983, Timbiriche released their 4th studio album entitled, La Banda Timbiriche, which featured the seventh member of the once sextet group. As the kids of Timbiriche aged, so did their music. This album was the beginning of their teenage sound. At the time, they were competing against bands like Menudo during their “Quiero Rock” era, and also Los Chamos from Venezuela.

While Timbiriche remained classified as kid’s music, these albums hits like “Disco Ruido” and “Rock Del Manicomio” hit the pop charts rivaling their older counterparts in the music industry. Look at the music world, here came Timbiriche.

In 1990, I had the chance to interview Sasha Sokol about the addition of a seventh member into the group. She told me that during this time, Benny originally was set to leave the group and the scheduled Erik to be his replacement. After getting Erik ready to take over the spot, Benny changed his mind. Instead of telling Erik he could not be a member, they allowed him to stay and made the group seven members. Because this change happened early on, Erik is considered a founding member of the group to this day.

Going back with other stories about this album…When I began to like Timbiriche, the album “Rock Show” was the current album by Eduardo Capetillo had already replaced Benny. Being way before the internet and research, I had no way of knowing how many albums Timbiriche had in their discography at the time. I hunted all over Tijuana looking for anything I could find. I had vinyls, cassettes, and even an 8-track. I literally thought that I had all the albums until I browsed a very small warehouse-style record store and saw this album sitting on the shelf. It was like my Holy Grail because I never saw it anywhere.

It’s a great album, with only one track that I find doesn’t really belong. It doesn’t fit musically, which is the song, “Gordita.” Other than that song, this album is seriously good. I can’t find many flaws in it because while the band is still technically a kid’s group, you have to be forgiving to the music of that time.

A side note, this album wasn’t actually called, “Disco Ruido” until the reissue of the album on CD. Timbiriche self-titled all of their albums until Timbiriche 7.

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