DLD – “Transcender” (2020)

DLD makes its first appearance on this website with the release of its newest album, Transcender, this week. And what an album it is.

I spent the day listening to the album on repeat in order for it to just envelope into my soul and take it all in. The band released three singles in 2019 for the promotion of the album and to prepare the fans for what was to come. The first single, “Quimica Y Fisica” was a wonderful delivered track that we downloaded when the song dropped on Apple Music. The second single, “Miercoles” starts slow and builds up to a solid rock sound. The third single, “Hasta Siempre” is equally just as good.

Overall, the album is really enjoyable and love it. Here is my problem: All the songs sound the same. For the gringos here on the website where we are not focused on lyrics, we have to have different beats and different riffs in order to tell the difference between songs. We don’t get that.

DLD has a sound and the sound is consistent. This is awesome because once we like the band, we know that the band will deliver us a great album all around. That I have no doubt when I hear that DLD has a new album. That is what I love about this band. We have all of DLD’s albums downloaded for future reviews. What we don’t have is the albums prior to the band being called DLD.

For those new to the band, DLD formed in 1998 under the name Dildo. The band released its first album, a self-titled album. As the group’s popularity grew, the label executives encouraged the band to change their name. The solution was an abbreviation. The birth of DLD allowed the band to reach new heights and have been soaring ever since. This I believe has to do with that consistent sound I talk about. I know when DLD has new music, it will be good and what I am used to hearing.

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