Apple’s Weekly Selection: 03/13/2020

Welcome to our new column, Apple’s Weekly Selection (which is based on Apple Music’s New Music Friday playlist, although the post will not come out on Fridays).

We subscribe to Apple Music because we are all about the music and it is a great way to find new music and new artists. At one time, we were pro-Spotify because we could find listen to music for free. BUT, I have since changed my opinion of Apple Music and YES. We stand behind the corporate giant for this reason. They are just giving me the major label artists, but we get indie artists and mostly the music recommended is up my alley. 

This is the first of New Music Friday section of the website. The interesting part of Apple Music’s New Music list is that they auto-fresh it each Friday. So, you have a week to see what they recommend to you. If you miss it, you miss it. You can’t go back to see last week’s new music.

Everyone’s new music is very different. So your list will differ from what they recommend to Disco Sally. Here is what Apple Music recommended to me this week, and my opinions of everything.

  • Camilo Septimo – Eco –  This was a great way to start my weekly playlist. Since join Apple Music, I have found Camilo Septimo and I have been enjoying their music. This track is pop with a hit of electronic.
  • CLUBZ – PRONTO! – This track has a great club vibe and a nice beat to it. I will definitely add to my playlist. 
  • Babasonicos – Suficiente – I was quite disappointed in this track. Babasonicos have always been this fun party group, but not with this. It just was not upbeat enough for the band’s classic sound.
  • Marcela Viejo – Cuestiones Femininas (featuring Andrea Franz, Alejandra Moreno, Renee Mooi, and Madame Recamier) – I seriously love the vocals in this song. This group of females should be a girl group, and they need to release an album together. I would totally buy that album if it happened.
  • Telescopios – Que Te Vean (featuring Hipnotica) – I’ve never heard of Telescopios, but I totally dig the sound. It’s electronic with urban beats and has a nice rhythm. I need to find more of this band to see if there are more tracks like this.
  • The Wookies – 24 Horas (featuring Camila Sodi) – This track has urban beats with a classic pop sound. The female vocals of Camila Sodi work well with the song. I really enjoyed the song because it has a good chorus. 
  • Julieta Venegas – Mujeres (featuring Miau Trio) – I always give shit to Julieta Venegas, stating I don’t care for her music. But when she comes out with new music, there is always tracks that I dig. This is one of them. Great chorus. Really works. Enjoyable.
  • Natalia Lafourcade – La Malquerida – This is typical Natalia, which is not my style. I don’t necessarily want to DISLIKE the song on Apple Music because I don’t want them to take Natalia out of my list. This is just not my jam.
  • Debi Nova – Superpoderes – This song is a little too slow for my taste. I have other Debi Nova music in my list but this track just didn’t flow for me. Don’t get me wrong, I like ballads, but this one I find very hard to sing. The Music and vocals almost feel like they are out of sync. 
  • Ana Tijoux – Libertad – Ana Tijoux is an artist that I can take or leave. I have two of her albums on vinyl and there are tracks I really like. This track, Libertad, is powerful. It is part of the soundtrack of the movie, Pacto De Fuga. I can see that. It has a great sound for a movie. You can really see characters moving around. There is a solid build up and progression on the track. It’s solid.
  • Edurne – Tal Vez – This is a upbeat ballad. I have other Edurne music and this flows into her style perfectly. It has a lot of power behind the vocals with a solid chorus. Fans can easily sing along with this track.
  • Veintiuno – Parasiempre (featuring Ainoa Buitrago) – I am a fan of Veintiuno for the most part because the lead singer’s voice is so pleasant to hear. This track starts slow, but picks up by the second verse.
  • Maria Rodes – La Extraña – Not a fan of this, at all. It has too much of the island rhythms with an airy and breathy sound. I have two other albums in my database of Maria Rodes, which might be why Apple recommended this to me. I may need to go and check out those albums to see if I need to keep them. 
  • Delaporte – No Diras (featuring Ximena Sariñana) – I am on the fence with this song. I like that it features Ximena because I really enjoy her voice. The song itself could fit on one of her albums, but overall it’s just okay. I don’t play on adding this to my playlist.
  • Niños Mutantes – Todo Tiene Un Precio – Niños Mutantes is a fun band the embraces pop music like one should. I could jam out to this band all day long. This track is fun and can easily get caught in your head. I can see myself singing this all day long. Add please!
  • Triangulo De Amor Bizarro – Vigilantes Del Espejo – It’s punk meets new wave. I seriously need to find more of this band. It was very fun and enjoyed it a lot. Great recommendation.
  • Mostaza Galvez – Chica Rara – When the song started, I looked up. What is this? I dig this. I’ve been hunting down more from this artist soon. I had to share this with my wife.
  • Chencho Fernandez – La Fosa De Las Marianas – When it first started this song, I didn’t think I would like it. But I do. It’s solid with a almost classic rock sound to it. There’s a great drum line and terrific guitar riffs. Totally can see me jamming out to this. 
  • Varry Brava – Luces De Neon – This is a fun track. I played this for my wife and she said she had already wanted to listen to this band. I’m ready for more from this band after hearing this song.
  • Detergente Liquido – No Te Conviertas En Esto – This song is okay; nothing special. I may try to find more of them to see if there might be other songs I like better. It is my style of music. So, I should. 
  • Benny – Picasso – This is so not my Benny. If you click artist, it connects to Benny Ibarra’s profile for Benny. It’s sad that I have to dislike because it may cut the real Benny Ibarra out of my list, but it’s so wrong.
  • Alejandro Fernandez – Arrullo De Estrellas – I have no Ranchero music in my feed and I don’t download this type of music, so I am not sure why this was recommended to me. It is probably just a ploy from the major label to toss random music in someone’s feed in order to get plays. Fast forward and dislike.
  • Las Pelotas – Es Asi – This song is really a downer and it does nothing for me. I don’t even care for the lead singer’s voice. I can skip this song and maybe this band.
  • Paty Cantu & Fallbrigade – Crazy Love – This English/Spanish combination is one of the songs from the movie, My Boyfriend’s Meds (Las píldoras de mI novio) with Jamie Camil. It’s a decent track, but not anything I want to add to my playlist.
  • Manu Negrete – Dime – The last song on this week’s recommended new music is a fun little diddy. It has a great chorus that I can see playing in my car. I’ll add this track and look for more on this artist. 

This is all for this week. If you got different music on your recommendations, let us know. We’ll check it out. See you next week with more of Apple’s Weekly New Music recommendations.

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