Amistades Peligrosas – “El Regreso” (2020)

The Spanish pop duo returns with a new studio album, “El Regreso”. This comes after a release of an EP last year, which acted as a prelude to this full-length album. 

For the album, El Regreso, original singer of Amistades Peligrosas, Cristina Del Valle teams up with a new male counterpart, Marcos Rodríguez. Cristina’s delicate voice and Marcos’s baritone power create a perfect harmony between the two of them. The spark that won the hearts of Spanish fans has returned. 

Hands down, the best track of the album is “Ya No Vives En Mi”

Since the release of the EP last year, the duo has already stacked up several singles in Spain. The first single, “Ya no vives en mí” is an upbeat pop track. It is, by far, the best track on the album. There is nothing that this song doesn’t have. It is everything you could want in a great pop song. After one listen, the familiarity of the music and lyrics will have you singing along. 

The second single, “Amor que entiende” is actually the second-best song from the album. Interesting is that I listened to the album completely, made notes, and chose my favorite tracks. Afterward, I looked up the band for research and found that these two tracks, which were my favorites, were the singles. This shows me I am in sync with the music and what the band wants us to take away from the album.

The third, and most recent single, “Pacto De Sal”  was my third favorite track. These three songs made it to my 2020 playlist. Again, goes to show that the public knows good music. 

It is refreshing to have Amistades Peligrosas back on the music scene after a six-year hiatus. The band previously released the album, “El arte de amar” in 2013 with Cristina and Manu Garzón, as her male counterpart. 

The original 2019 EP “Pacto De Sal” had been available via Apple Music and other streaming devices, but since the release of this album, that EP has been removed to make room for the full album. As of the publishing date of this article, Apple Music has all Amistades Peligrosas albums available, minus the 2003 album, “La Larga Espera.”

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