Benny Ibarra -“Hablame Como La Lluvia” (1992)

Former and current member of the pop supergroup, Timbiriche, Benny Ibarra left Timbiriche in 1986 to go solo. It took six years for fans to hear his solo work, and the wait was so worth it. Hablame Como La Lluvia was released in 1992. The work was way beyond its years.

Originally, Benny was to leave Timbiriche in 1984 to go solo but stayed two more years. After this, Benny moved to Boston to study music and art in a private boarding school. Once he graduated, he came back to Mexico to pursue his music career. It did not move as fast as one would have hoped. He performed on various television shows with his very raw rock sound. Finally, signing a deal with WEA Latina, Benny released his first solo career album.

There are very few albums that I have heard that can submerge you in sound. The album’s sound has so many layers and dimensions to it you fill surrounded in a 3D zone. Benny took chances with this album when pop music was very bubblegum and recyclable. Dabbling in rhythm and blues, rock, pop, and even a little gospel, Hablame Como La Lluvia has something for everyone.

In 1992, when Benny released his first album, other Timbiriche members were releasing albums too. Bibi Gaytan released her debut solo album, and so did Paulina Rubio. Thalia was on to album number three. Erik was attempting to go solo with the “Alcanzar Una Estrella” series. So there was a lot of media around Timbiriche members, the difference was Benny was making his own music while the others were just filling that up albums with other people’s music.

Speaking of former Timbiriche members, Patty Tanus helped with the backup vocal in the song, “Dame Un Poco De Tu Amor.” Listen and there is a female voice that has some soul to it. That is Patty Tanus.

The talent Benny showed on this album was just a sample of what was to come. Benny is not commercial. While some of his future ballads will come commercial appeal, his pop music is quite indie and experimental with the backing of a strong major label. Hablame Como La Lluvia was probably one of the best albums of 1992 and possibly the first part of the ’90s.

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