Without a Paddle (2004)

This a cast like this, it was hard to say no to watching this film today on HBOGo. The three leads Seth Green, Dax Shepherd, and Matthew Lillard took on the task of going on a treasure hunt to honor their deceased friend, who they found out had tracked down the legend and treasure of D.B. Cooper.

Back when this came out, I would not have picked this up with a 10-foot pole because I thought it would have been too slapstick for me. While there was a bit of that crude humor, it wasn’t over the top like I had anticipated. I still didn’t like that they had the typical macho male jokes on homosexuality. I think the film could have had more sophistication to leave those types of jokes out. It just was not necessary and could have gotten a perfect score if it wasn’t for that.

The film is pretty short, running for about 100 minutes, but the film felt a lot longer. Just when you think they find their way out of the woods, more hijinx happens.
If you haven’t seen Without A Paddle, it is worth a watch.

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