We Are Your Friends We Are Your Friends (2015)

I think Zac Efron has lost his hype and is finally getting into some decent films that work his acting abilities. He is no longer that guy from High School Musical and this film allows him to demonstrate that he is more than just a good looking guy.

We Are Your Friends is a film about the world of amateur DJs. Zac plays Cole Carter, who drops his perfect life in order to become a DJ. His friends or entourage are helping promote him. Cole meets a once-popular DJ and the two of them form a bond outside his entourage. Played by Wes Bentley, DJ James Reed helps him turn his music from a 100% computer-generated sound to something more organic and real.

This is not the typical start from the bottom and rise to fame film. We never see Cole make it big time. What we see is Cole connecting to his music and the tragedy that he endured and bringing that into his music at a music festival. A solid film that makes you think and feel something in between the thumping beats of the music.

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