Night School (2018)

I started my day of movies on HBOGo today and browsed the list of movies that would be leaving HBO this month. I knew my wife would not want to watch this film, so I decided to give it a chance.

Based on the original trailers for the film at the time of release, I was on the fence about watching it. I am not a big fan of comedy like this. Kevin Hart reminds me of a black Jim Carrey. Too animated for my taste when it comes to comedy.

Night School is about a guy who wasn’t good in school and was always made fun of throughout his life. When Teddy Walker (Kevin Hart) gets offered a job where he needs his GED, he takes to night classes in order to prepare for the test – still being a joke when it comes to education. Not wanted to be a joke, he keeps his classes a secret from his successful girlfriend.

Yes, Night School is over the top. Yes, the humor could be considered crude. No, it wasn’t annoying. Actually, it is quite intelligent and a fun little story.
Sometimes, you shouldn’t judge a movie by its cast…they could surprise you.

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