Rampage (2018)

Who doesn’t want to watch a movie about a big giant ape, and I am not talking about The Rock? How about a giant crocodile? Or a wolf that flies? Of course, the wolf can fly.

Rampage was directed by Brad Peyton and is based off of a 1986 video game. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) stars as primatologist, Davis Okoye who is working with an albino gorilla in San Diego who could use sign language to talk. His gorilla accidental comes across a canister that contains a mutant virus that comes crashing to the ground as a space station gets destroyed by a mutant rat they are testing on in space. Two other canisters are found. One by an crocodile in Florida, and a wolf in Wyoming.

The mutations give this animals beyond super human strength and have a rapid growth serum that makes these animals The company the created the virus uses a homing transmitter to bring these animals to Chicago. Wow. This was a bad idea. You have three monsters that are trying to get to Chicago and destroy the transmitter, which means destroying everything in their paths.

Mutant animals with super strength has been done before. A lot. This film could have been a joke, or it could have been well made. Let’s go with the latter. The Rock uses his humor to keep the film light and fun, but it does not tone down the amount suspense and action that this film has. I always worry when it comes to films like this because I am so afraid of it becoming a cheesy joke. This was not that. It was quite enjoyable. The CGI effects of the animals are well done. And The Rock’s charm is his strength. Well played.

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