Hotel Artemis (2018)

It’s been 5 years since Jodie Foster has starred in a movie, so whenever we can get a movie with her in the starring role, we need to watch. Since she is not making movies that often, you know it was not about the money the drives her to act, she must believe in it. And we go into the film believing it too.

Drew Pearce makes his directorial debut with Hotel Artemis, which takes place in a dystopian Los Angeles where Jean Thomas (Jodie Foster) runs a secret hospital for criminals. She’s been running the place for 22 years but on the night of a Los Angeles riot, everything goes to hell in a hand basket. The criminals inside the hotel/hospital begin taking each other out and it’s more than the nurse can handle.

Hotel Artemis lost money at at box-office only bringing in 12.8 million when they had a budget of 15 million and it is easy to see why. The film’s beginning is so confusion and with so many characters, it is hard to follow who wants to do what to who. Once in the meat of the story, you begin to piece it all together but you still just really don’t know who the people are except for the nurse. There is no connection with the main characters.

Honestly, I liked it for most part. It’s a good watch. I was entertained. And there was not much downtime to make you bored. This makes for a decent thriller. Was it awesome? No. But worth the watch? Yes.

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