Parchís: the Documentary  ★★★★

Being a Latin pop music fanatic, learning about this documentary was like a dream come true.

Parchis (chis, chis, chis) came out around the same time as Menudo, but they were actually more popular than Menudo. It wasn’t until the group disbanded in the early ’80s that Menudo took over the void that Parchis left in teen pop music.

Parchis was everything you could want in a kid’s pop group. You had the teen idol, the pretty girl, the dork, the girl next door, and the pretty blonde boy. The group hailed from Spain and was a hit from the very beginning. Each one of the members was identified by the colors of their clothes. That was their costumes.

In Spanish with English subtitles, the Netflix original documentary features interviews with many of the members. They discuss all aspects of their rise and fall and all the exploits in between. There was not much controversy with the group. Being around during their reign, you never heard of scandals that fans would have wanted to come to light. Most of their adventures were kids being kids and not having much supervision during their tours. If there was a scandal, no one knew and no one mentioned since then.

If you didn’t know about this band, you can skip this documentary. You have to know who they were to even begin to like it… and even then, there was no real purpose to this documentary other than to capitalize on the upcoming reunion of the group. It was just a recap of the band’s history.