Las Fandangas – “Autos, Moda, Y Rock n Roll” Single

2018 is the year for the return of the 80’s girl pop group, Fandango, with some big changes. Gone is the young teens with bright colored outfits jumping all over the stage. Today, six of the former members of the group’s history gives you LAS FANDANGAS.

On June 6th, the six members that now make up the group independently released a new and updated version of their hit song, “Autos, Moda, Y Rock n Roll.” Back in 1987, the song was their first single and most popular song. It became the girls’ anthem that stayed with them until their separation in 1991.

The new release of their popular song captures the essence of the fun that once was their group’s signature. The producers toned down the bounce of the rhythm to provide a more mature overall sound to the new track. Along with the new updated musical score, I found that the harmony between the girls has improved giving the vocals a more three dimensional sound.

While only two of the six members of the new Las Fandangas continued to sing after leaving the group, the other four members have not lost their touch. When you put together the new sound with the look of the woman today, the package seems perfect.

Alexa, Sandra, Liliana, Anabella, Marlena, and Rocio (who has been present for all eras of the group) make up the new group. The line-up represents the group from beginning to end and the fans couldn’t be happier with the final outcome.

Fandango (or now Las Fandangas) have a loyal social media fan base via a fan club on Facebook, Generacion Fandango. The return and new music to come from a history that they thought were long gone gives hope that the girls continue forward with more new music.

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