Fey – “Comiendome Tus Besos” Single

It’s doesn’t seem that Fey’s comeback was that long ago but it’s been four years since Fey released “Todo Lo Que Soy.” With that album, fans welcomed a new song entitled, “Frio.” Two years later, we were graced with another studio single, “Amo.” That was in 2016. In 2018, Fey dropped another new single for her fans and the video is everything sexy about Fey. “Comiendome Tus Besos” is Fey’s newest hit.

With over one million plays on Spotify in the US, Fey “Comiendome Tus Besos” is a hit. The song hints urban beats but keeps the overall sound very pop-like which is something Fey knows well. It reflects a very sensual side of Fey, not only in the rhythm but in her vocal range. This is not the same girl who jumped around with a pair of tennis shoes on and we like where Fey has gone. While it has been a while since we saw that teen and her music has evolved so much that she is a memory of the past, part of that person we will always see.

The video that was released on March 21, 2018, has already reached over 13 million views on YouTube and I don’t foresee that number dwindling anytime soon. Its essence captures the steampunk movement as well as has a burning man vibe. I am sure many people wish they were in the middle of Fey’s group love moment.

Fey begins her Desnuda Tour later this year and hopes to bring that sensual side to the stage and her fans around Mexico. Dates have been set for Mexico City on October 26th and in Monterrey on November 21st.

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