Paty Cantu – #333 (2018)

Is Paty Cantu #333 a new album or just a house for a bunch of singles and live tracks? When I found out that Cantu finally released a new album, I was excited to see what she had to give. After listening to the sixteen tracks that make up #333, I am confused.

In September of 2015 (three years ago), Paty Cantu released the first single “Valiente” and what a success it was. It received radio play and a strong rotation on video channels such as Telehit and Ritmoson. Fans hoped to see a new album soon after but that never happened. It also doesn’t seem to be the way of the world anymore. Fans are connected one song at a time with streaming and digital music. It’s easy to spend $1.00 for each song over time versus a $12-15 album for all tracks at once. It also keeps artists more relevant and in the news longer. Gone are the days that artists released an album each year.

Shortly after, Cantu released the second single, “Amor Amor Amor” which is a fun little song that reminds me of early Cantu. Again, no new album. Remember, the last studio album was released in 2012. Fans are waiting.

In the middle of 2016, the single “Rompo Contigo” was released. A year later, another track is released. “#Natural” is called the first single off the upcoming coming album #333. The track is a duet with singer, Juhn and is heavily influenced by urban beats. This is one of three tracks (all at the beginning of the album) that feature the urban sounds. This is a far stretch from fitting into Paty’s signature style of power ballads or bubblegum pop.

Earlier this year, Paty released a series of tracks from the album. Five tracks dropped before the release of the album. If you are counting, eight tracks were given to the public before the album even was released. Again, gone are the days that we got a single and then the album and could spend hours listening to brand new music. I pull up Paty Cantu #333 and it does not feel new. This does not mean that it is bad album, on contrary, the album is very well produced. Paty’s vocals are superb in her power ballads, such as “Vete” and “Vuelve A Respirar” both tracks that will be new tracks for fans.

The first ten tracks are studio recorded with the last six being live versions including a very powerful and enjoyable version of “Valiente” in English called “War.” Paty Cantu began her international #333 Tour this month and will be presenting her songs to fans around the world. Hope you catch her on tour this summer.

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