Paco Guizar – “Para No Pensar En Ti” Single

Many new Latin pop music fans may not have ever heard the name Paco Guizar, but for those of you who were around in the 80’s it just might. In the mid-80’s, boy bands like Chamos and Menudo ruled the teen magazines. They were cute like the boy next door. Then you have those fans who wanted someone a little more mature and manly. That is where the group Ciclon came in. Ciclon featured five strapping young men and I found myself standing on a lawn chair in the middle of the park screaming my lungs out for: Paco, Chico, Roger, Malone, and Juanjo.

After two albums, Ciclon disappeared. Fans moved on to other artists and they drifted out of our memories. Well, not mine. Both Ciclon albums are sitting on my shelf and the digital versions of those songs have a daily rotation on my iPod.

At the end of 2017, frontman Paco Guizar hits Instagram with new professional photos on himself and begins his initial return to music. Now Paco did try his hand at a solo career in the 80’s and released three solo albums. Not bad for the 80s and 90s. His final solo album hit in 1994, that was 24 years ago.

In August of last year, Paco called up producer, Luis Reynosa and said he wanted to get back in the studio to record the songs of Ciclon and some of his solo songs. Being back in the studio was a thrill for Paco as he discusses in an Instagram video. Hear the music to “Para No Pensar En Ti” brought back so many memories. And on March 20, 2018, the song is dropped on digital outlets.

Guizar is self-publishing at the moment and is using social media to get the word out about his comeback. The first single of his album is Ciclon’s most popular song, “Para No Pensar En Ti.” He recorded a video also and it premiered in various cities throughout Mexico on morning shows.

The song is amazing, new, fresh, and doesn’t sound like it belonged in the 80’s. Paco Guizar’s rendition of the famous song brings a smile to my face. Having new music that you can instantly sing along with it brilliant and it is a great way to revitalize one’s career. He also announced that on May 10, the full album would be released. His social media previews showed songs like as “Salvame” and “Por Favor Paren Al Mundo,” and “Sentimental.”

The album became available via mail order where you could get the CD and a T-shirt. Being outside of Mexico makes it a little difficult to do that. Fans have not seen the entire album yet on Spotify or iTunes, but we will wait unless someone from Mexico wants to send me a copy of CD. Until then, we will add “Para No Pensar En Ti” to our streaming playlist to get a little history.

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