Mon Laferte releases “La Trenza”

There is a big difference between the Mon Laferte who released Tornasol in 2013 and the one who just released La Trenza this past year. They are a world apart yet the progression has been a good one. The album that separated it all and allowed Mon Laferte to grow as an artist instead of just a singer was Mon Laferte Volume 1 (2015), which I plan to review soon.

Many of the chick rockers have been embracing the sounds and influences of the past by turning more to a folk-rock. It slows down the pace and allows the listener to hear the strong vocals and feel the personality of the artist. Mon Laferte’s change reminds me a lot of Natalia Lafourcade, who was a little pop princess who turned her image into representing the “raiz” of Mexico’s past and brought back folk music. Mon Laferte is doing the same thing and doing it well.

This style of music has elevated Mon Laferte to stardom. Just five years ago, she was an indie chick-rocker and now she is becoming a staple in Latin music. It helps that she opened for Juanes and recorded a duet with him for the first single of this album. Juanes’s popularity has allowed more people to experience what Mon Laferte offers, which was something we already knew back in 2013. This girl is going places.

La Trenza continues where Mon Laferte Volume 1 left off, so if you enjoyed the last album, you will love this. I know my wife will as soon as she hears it.

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