Moderatto – “Resurrexion” (2001)

I totally believe that Moderatto was created as a joke that went horribly correct… Made up of Jay de la Cueva, Cha! and Iñaki Vázquez (Fobia), Randy Ebright (Molotov) y Marcello Lara (El Gerente), the members of the group created fake names and dressed up like they were members of 80’s Glam-Rock bands.

The album, Resurrexion was classified as a “Greatest Hits” album which talked about a fake history of the group. Moderatto created a legendary and most famous group in the world on paper, yet there were just five guys with nothing better to do but to create a new band and music.

The songs chosen for this album were all covers of different artists in both English and Spanish. They covered kids groups like Menudo and Timbiriche, and other famous songs by The Knack. They turned all the songs into 80s Heavy Metal/Glam-Rock and it worked. Changing songs liked Yuri’s “Dame Un Beso” into a metal rock song was genius. Moderatto brought life into old dated songs. It was great to see music like this come out.

The success of this album allowed the band to continue on with other cover albums, and making their own music with the same sound. Moderatto has had nothing but success and has launched creator, Jay De La Cueva (who was once with Microchips) into his own stardom.

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