Book Review – “Airframe” by Michael Crichton

One day, I will have read every Michael Crichton book but for now, I am at Airframe (no, I am not going in order). A library rental of what was available at that moment.

Airframe is a very very easy read. It took me a while because of how busy I was but busted through 70% of the book in one afternoon.

Ultimately, we know that this is a disaster book just because of the Amazon description. It really isn’t. It is more about solving why the disaster occurred with the characters and the mystery around it. The main character is likable and you feel for what she is going through as she tries to unravel the mystery.

Many other reviews that were negative complained about the “technical” jargon but Crichton explains everything throughout the book. Any time he mentions a new department or new piece of equipment, he explains what it is for. It is the reader’s job to keep up with it after he tells you the importance of it.

What I love about reading Crichton and especially this book, is that now I feel closer to airplanes, how they are made, and how the airplane making business is run. He is a teacher as well as a storyteller in this book.

STARTED: Nov 25, 2017
FINISHED: Nov 26, 2017

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