Album Review: Fresas Con Crema – “Fresas Con Crema” (1983)

Blasting through my catalog of music, I came across Fresas Con Crema and went back to the beginning of a four-album history of the group’s music. We start with the debut album from 1983, Fresas Con Crema.

I don’t believe that any music from 1983 was good. The music is too synthesized and doesn’t have a strong bass. It is very metallic sounding and Fresas’s debut album fits the same sound. Tatiana’s debut album had it and even early Mecano and Alaska had the same sound. It wasn’t a good sound. Half the music sounds like it was recorded right from the radio; it’s very one dimensional. It seems like it wants to be disco without the dance beats.

Fresas Con Crema is probably the worst of the four albums. I mean, in everyone’s catalog there is one that is the worst. While that sounds bad, if you had to rate Fresas catalog between one and four, this would fall in position four with the next album at three, the third album at two and finally the last album as the group’s best. I wasn’t not around during this era of Fresas career and didn’t even get to see this group perform at this time. I have no basis for my opinions other than the music just didn’t connect with me.

In 1983, Fresas was the teenage “Timbiriche.” Three boys, four girls, all in their teen stages, but the style of a throwback to the ’70s. Over the years, I have tried to give this album a chance due to the fact that I loved the group’s last album; but it just lacks something great in order to make it worth the listen and I never found it. Even thirty-four years later, the album lacks anything interesting to make the album even a little bit.

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