Tatiana – “Tatiana” (1984)

Tatiana (Palacios) has spent the last twenty-two years being the face of “kids” music in Mexico, but prior to focusing on the niños, she was just a kid herself and started her career as a teen pop star. In 1984, Tatiana signed with EMI Music and released her first of many albums in the pop music genre. We have reviewed many of her albums, but we are going back to the very beginning where 80’s pop reigned and it was okay to wear neon outside of the gym.

At the prime age of 16, Tatiana was the Belinda of the ’80s. She captivated the audiences with a sweet and innocent voice and the personality to go with it. She talked about first love, wore neon, danced, and smiled like the sweet girl next door. This is why fans fell in love with Tatiana and became the face of teen music in Mexico. Who didn’t love Tatiana then? She had everything to be a teen pop star and didn’t need the drama or sexiness to sell music.

Tatiana’s 1984 album broke ground to a career that has lasted over 33 years.

Songs like “Querido Amigo” and “El Amor No Se Calla” hit the pop charts and help plant her in the homes of Mexico on Sunday for many television performances on the popular hit show, “Siempre En Domingo.” This is where I found Tatiana, though it would not be until the next album did really get into her music and career.

This self-titled debut was great music in the ’80s, but going back to listening to the album now we can pull out all of the album’s flaws and it is easy to do with classic 80’s music. With music written by Miguel Blasco and J.R. Flores, she had the best behind her for this debut. The music has high synthesizers and new wave drum beats and with Tatiana sweet high vocals, it almost seems a little late. This style played more for around 1982, so while the album came out in 1984; it was almost out of date. That didn’t matter much for music fans and radio, the album helped elevator her to the next level and to the album that put her on the pop historic map, “Chicas De Hoy.”

As a whole, Tatiana’s debut album has its place but it is nowhere near her best album. The album originally was released on vinyl, but has since then made its CD debut.

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