Franco De Vita – “Libre” (2016)

Celebrating 33 years of music, Franco De Vita is promoting his newest album, Libre, with a worldwide concert tour. While the album was released last year, it is still in the promotional stages since it has been eight years since De Vita has released a studio album.

Libre includes nine new tracks and five alternate version tracks making a total of fourteen songs for the new album. De Vita’s music is infused with R & B sounds giving him a classic adult-contemporary sound that he has cashed in on. Franco De Vita has always stayed relevant in the music industry over the last thirty-three years with various hits and awards, including Grammy awards and nominations. De Vita is a solid singer-songwriter and Libre is nothing short of traditional De Vita. If over the years you have liked many of his hits, there is no doubt that you will enjoy the mellow and solid tracks that make up Libre.

Franco De Vita Libre is bound to be a great comeback album for his career

Franco’s first single from the album, “Donde Esta La Vida” is probably one of the best tracks on the album and of his career. The infusion of blues, classic rock, and soul grab a hold of you and makes you think of a time of film noir and old black and white mysteries. The second single that is currently being promoted is “Rompe La Vida.” His current concert schedule will take him to Mexico, Puerto Rico and Argentina.

As a whole, Libre is destined to go down as one of Franco De Vita’s best albums as it is full of life and a great return to new music.

1. Ya No Te Creo con Edwin Luna y la Trakalosa de Monterrey
2. Dónde Está la Vida
3. Pídeme
4. Libre
5. Desde el Principio con Rosario
6. Rompes Mi Vida
7. No Sé Nada de Ti con Lorenzo Fragola
8. No Me Busques
9. Un Año y Algo Más
10. Pídeme (Acústica)
11. Ya No Te Creo (Versión pop)
12. Dónde Está la Vida (Bachata)
13. Desde el Principio
14. Ya No Te Creo (Edwin Luna y La Trakalosa de Monterrey con Franco De vita)

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