Fabulosos 90’s – “Maria” Single

With Mexico going crazy with 90’s pop, one group has taken the genre to a whole other level. Fabulosos 90’s is embracing the 90’s music and covering the hits including their most recent single, “Maria,” which was originally made popular by Ricky Martin.

“Maria” took the world by storm and launched Ricky Martin’s career into international stardom, now I don’t think it will have the same effect for the Fab90’s. Not saying the group’s cover of the popular song is bad, it was just overplayed then that I don’t think it will do much to launch the quartet to the moon and back. The group uses the “Maria Remix” version of Ricky’s repertoire instead of the slower original. Their concept for cover art with the neon enhances the club atmosphere that the remix portion of the song has. The vocals are an ensemble with each member of the group single various parts vs just one member being an upfront. This vocal style helps keep the group solid without hyping one member more than the others.

I love the concept of Fabulosos 90’s because they are the “90’s Pop Tour” wrapped up into a small set of former stars from the groups that they are covering. Plus, the guys in the group are hilarious to follow on Twitter that I look forward to seeing what they are doing on a daily basis.

Fab90’s previous released Fey’s “Azucar Amargo” last year, and a full album of classic 90’s hits in 2014. The group is due for another studio album and we might be able to get it if the boys can keep their shirts on…

Join the 90’s party with Fabulosos 90’s and their new single, “Maria” on streaming and digital platforms.

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