CNCO – “Hey DJ” Single

CNCO is back in the studio with a new single, “Hey DJ” that is bouncing up the charts and making the young Latin girls all squishy in the pants. The new song features Yandel in an urban flavored pop song.

The single comes as a follow up the successful debut album under the watch of Sony Music. The guys are eating up the popularity and are moving fast to keep new music coming. Their debut album was only released this past year and they are already moving forward to release new music without wasting any time. “Hey DJ” is a continuation of what we have been hearing from the group as a whole. There is nothing really new or different here.

CNCO Hey DJ features the heavily influence urban beats that have made this group popular with the teenage fans.

The song, “Hey DJ” screams urban pop with bouncing island and ethnic beats. The appearance of Yandel helps them reach a stronger audience; but not like they need it. The song has already surpassed 35 million plays on Spotify. The group also released a non-urban version of the song which is classified as the “pop version.” It is not much different than they original promoted version with Yandel. Their pop version still is heavily influenced by the urban beats and not a classic pop style that goes hand in hand with boybands.

CNCO came together in 2015 on the variety competition show, La Banda, where Ricky Martin helped create the next “Menudo” boyband. CNCO might have five members and have perfect teen idol faces, but they are no Menudo. The members of the group won a spot as one of the five members. The bonus was they opened for Ricky on his “One World” Tour. This allowed the boy band to reach millions of people in a short amount of time.

The boys are currently on tour with Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias. Their presence all over the music world is keeping the group in everyone’s face. This is some excellent marketing. “Hey DJ” is the first single off the group’s upcoming second album.

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