Paty Cantu – “Me Quedo Sola” (2009)

Paty Cantu stepped on the solo music scene in 2009 with the album, Me Quedo Sola, after the separation of the duet pop group, Lu. Her own success arrived quickly as she was just what the young pop music fans needed.

Me Quedo Sola is a blend of pop hits and powerful ballads that connected to the audiences because she truly represented a pop music diva. The album is solid for what was coming out in 2009, though it wasn’t anything new or different…but it was solid for what it was. There are a handful of good hits both within her ballads and her upbeats, which makes the album complete.

The album was quite successful and prompted a special addition release shortly after the initial release. Her record label had a lot of faith in their little starlet. Paty Cantu’s voice is strong and the right songs were chosen for her vocal styles, which gave them a winning combination.

But it wasn’t like Paty Cantu was a face and a name that everyone knew when she stepped out on her own. Her collaboration with Mario Sandoval wasn’t all that short-lived but the group’s success was mediocre. They formed in 1996, signed with Warner Music in 1993, but didn’t release their debut album until 2003. Their hit “Por Besarte” was made famous via Mexico’s telenovela scene. This one-hit gave them to the ability to record a second album in 2006.  In 2007, the group disbanded.

Paty was already in talks with others about a possible solo career during her time with Lu, so it was inevitable that their differences in music styles would prompt Paty’s departure. With the lack of success, Mario had on his own, Paty was probably smart to move out on her own in order to gain respect and admiration for her strengths as a pop diva.

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