Sasha Sokol – “Sasha” (1987)

While Sasha Sokol recorded seven albums in her repertoire, the first still remains her most popular and successful. Sasha left Timbiriche in 1986 then returned to the stage the following year with her first solo album and the first single, “No Me Extraña Nada.”

Sasha grew up on the stage performing with the pop group, Timbiriche, since 1982. It was natural for her to want to continue with a career of her own. Her style became “La Dama De Negro” which means “La Dame In Black.” She wore nothing but black with the occasional white top to add a little spice to her wardrobe. She also always wore a ponytail which allowed the world to see the beauty she had become. Okay, so this is a music review not an undying confession of love for this woman.

Like I mentioned above, this album was Sasha’s most successful with two of her most popular songs coming straight from this album. The first single, “No Me Extraña Nada” hit the top of the charts immediately after it came out. Then she followed up with her music successful track, “Rueda Mi Mente” in which fans will agree that it is her anthem.

The album contains mostly upbeat songs, but some of the slower tracks still have enough of a beat to make that not so slow and drawn out. Most of the tracks were written by Fernando Riba and Kiko Campos who would continue to work with Sasha until she switches record labels in 1991.

A little trivia about this album, it was one of the first albums to be released on CD in Mexico and by Fonovisa Records. It was CD number 13 of the beginning of the compact disc era. It is in debut on which album was the first, but Latin music historians are certain it is a rare original of Timbiriche 7. For fans who are into collecting rare editions, Sasha’s debut CD was released without the plastic wrap and was sealed with a gold circular sticker to hold the case shut. It also had a large Avery label with a dot-matrix print of where the CD was made and imported into Mexico. I found my original version in Acapulco in 1988.

Overall, Sasha’s debut album is 80’sriffic pop music and it shows its age. Sasha’s vocals were still very juvenile and she didn’t yet have the power and sultry sounds in her voice though *fangirl* I can sit and listen to 1987 Sasha’s voice forever and fall in love all over again. Yes, I am a little bias. But I will forever be a Sasha fan.

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