Alejandra Guzman – “Enorme” (1994)

Next up on our Alejandra Guzman chronological retrospect of her discography is the sixth album, Enorme, which released in 1994. Just this past weekend, we reviewed the fifth album, Libre, which didn’t get an awesome review from me. Now we moved on to an album I enjoyed more than the previous one.

Enorme brings back the Alejandra that I love. The music is edgy, has a harder rock sound. The ballads are strong, which you hear in the third track with the song, “Despertar,” which was the second single from the album. The first single from this album was “Pasa La Vida,” which is fun but name as exciting as the track, “Dan Tanto Miedo.” The song is full of life and rock and displays Alejandra’s classic style that we love so much.

When you compare the previous album with this, you can hear that Alejandra went back to what she was good at and what people loved. The album was successful enough to take her to the prestigious Viña Del Mar that year and earn her a gold album. It’s ultimately a solid rock/pop album that early Alejandra fans can embrace. We don’t get that blues flavor that she attempted to share with us for a moment.

It has been quite a while since I have listened to this album. It is in my daily rotation, but while on shuffle I only get songs here and there. It is definitely something you would want to sit and listen to it completely because the hidden gem is the final song of the album, “Corazones Rotos” which is undeniably the best song on the album and probably one of the most popular though it was never a single. Enorme might not be her best album, but it is up in the top levels.

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