Jorge Drexler – “Vaiven” (1996)

I own a lot of music both digital and physical media, Jorge Drexler included in that but just because I own it doesn’t mean that I listen to it on a regular basis, or even at all. I own a CD that falls somewhere in the middle of Drexler’s career but since he came up for review, I wanted to start at the beginning to see where he began and how he has evolved into the artist he is now.

After listening to Vaiven for two days in order to digest this pop music from Uruguay. Jorge Drexel is far from the normal pop scene but that doesn’t make it any less pop, especially when your hometown roots beg to differ. Drexler travels the rock and pop circuit with concerts and performances with more well-known artists from this genre. He performs in places like Rock In Rio and shared the stage in 2011 with Coldplay, Maroon 5, Mana, and others.

It is possible that Drexler in2011 and Drexler in 1996 are two different people; but when I listen to Drexler’s Vaiven album, I can understand how he can be classified as pop-rock or even an alt-rock because today’s sound that has been made popular with Julieta Venegas and Natalia Lafourcade incorporate the old-time music styles like bossa novas and bring it to today’s music lover with great success.

Drexler is mellow and upbeat and brings that jazzy bossa novato the thirteen tracks on the album, creating a work that reminds me of hanging out at the South American beaches. Bring on the “girl from Ipanema” and you have Jorge Drexler in a nutshell.

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