Timbiriche – “En Concierto” (1983)

One of the reasons I love this site is because I can go back in time and listen to music or albums that I might overlook while jamming to new music on a daily basis. Sometimes, we need to go back in time to appreciate where we come from. Timbiriche was my gateway into Latin pop. When I saw them in 1985 on Siempre En Domingo for the first time, I fell in love and spent my weekends in Tijuana hunting down anything I could find on the group. It was a time before the internet, where you could just look up everything you wanted to know about the group and have it at your fingertips. Instead, I went to every record store (even the shady ones down back alleys) to find all the albums of Timbiriche. Being a white girl who didn’t speak Spanish, it was a little strange back then to walk into a record store in Mexico and only be able to say, “Discos Timbiriche.”

This album was one of the first albums that I found and probably the easiest to find at the time. I thought it was cool to find a “concert” album of Timbiriche, but it took a while for me to realize this is not really a live album like we know it now. It seems to be an album that was based on a television special. Even so, it was pretty cool and it’s the only place to be able to find a lot of these tracks.

It starts with a badly edited potpourri of the songs from their first album, but being the white girl I was, it was fun to hear the kids singing songs I grew up with. “Noches De Verano” is a Spanish version of “Summer Nights” from the soundtrack, Grease. Then you have, “Mickey” that made US Top40 charts by Toni Basil. How about “Baile De Sapo” which is a cover of “The Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Add a couple of classic rock covers…How can someone not love this album, especially the 14-year-old “gringo” who is drooling over Timbiriche?

Musically, I would have rather heard actually live versions of the songs, but it is what it is. It wasn’t like 1983 Timbiriche was a solid pop group. They were a kids’ group back then and showed. Their voices were still evolving.

“En Concierto” is a must to finish your collection and another definite must to get “rare” tracks like “Sueño Con Volver A Verte” which is a sweet little ballad sung by a young Benny Ibarra. The album is pretty easy to find and has been reissued on CD a couple of different times for easy collecting.

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