Mau Y Ricky – “Arte” (2017)

Just last year, the Montaner brothers, Mau Y Ricky released their first single, “Voy Que Quemo.” Now, the sons of Ricardo Montaner have completed an album entitled, “Arte.”

The boys grew up watching their father earn a place in pop history with ballads, and they began their own musical careers writing music for some of the biggest names in pop music such as Thalia, Miguel Bose, and many others. When their first single released, artists around the world congratulated Mau Y Ricky for a great track of their own. Now, the guys release this weekend their first album, “Arte.”

“Arte” is an EP album featuring six tracks, which does not include “Voy Que Quemo.” The first track, “Arte” was originally written for an urban artist but Mau Y Ricky decided to keep it for themselves as the title for the album.

The guys seem to be following in the footsteps of their father with an album of ballads, though they are not the wrist-cutting power ballads that are known by daddy, Ricardo. The music that Mau Y Ricky has chosen for themselves fits within the generation of new ballad singers that have great beats and rhythm which you don’t feel embarrassed about turning up in your car. In the ’80s and ’90s, ballads were strong vocals with mediocre music, today the music is stronger than the vocals, but when you have decent voices like you find in Mau Y Ricky, it is a winning success.

While, I really liked the song, “Arte,” I think that the strongest track on the album is “Para OIvidarte,” which is the duo’s first single off the album. I can’t count “Voy Me Quemo” as the first single since it did not make the cut on the album.

The guys can be found on Twitter at: @MauYRicky 

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