Dulce Maria – “DM” (2017)

Dulce Maria is back with a new album and is ready to take on the Latin pop music world with her album, “DM.” And she is doing just that with the album that she has been working on since the beginning of 2016 but we are finally able to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

“DM” is classic pop with a combination of ballads, pop tracks, and a hint of rock within the thirteen tracks that make up this new album. Dulce Maria has never been better with this album; her vocals are spot on, the music fits her style and spirit, and even the artwork for the album makes DM work for the ex-RDB member. The album begins with, I think, the best track on the album. “Hoy Me Entierro” hits you straight in the gut and makes you pay attention straight from the beginning. I originally tossed the album on while I was cleaning up and as soon as I heard that track, I had to stop and listen. Dulce Maria literally¬†came into my room and slapped me across the face to say, “HEY PAY ATTENTION!” I did. Written by Raquel Sofia, I was totally impressed and can hear the influences that I loved so much on the indie artist’s debut album.

As I sat there entranced with the next few tracks, I began to study more about the album, who wrote the music, produced the songs, etc. You can hear the influences of also Alih Jey the third and five tracks on the album. “Un Minuto Sin Dolor” has the ability to be a great hit as it follows a lot of the same style of Top40 tracks coming out of Mexico at the moment. Dulce Maria stays relevant that way. Her music is fresh without being too advanced for the young music lovers today. Even her ballads have that heavy music production, which gives the appearance of a power ballad without overloading on vocals. Dulce Maria has such a high voice as it is, you don’t want to push her into a range that she can’t perform in. All the tracks blend so well with her voice that it allows her to shine on a full and complete album.

Dulce Maria began her career very young in the short-lived group, Kids, but made a name for herself as one of the six members of the internationally popular pop group, RBD. When the group disbanded, Dulce Maria had a slow start of her own solo career, but with this new album, “DM” is destined to make the singer a household name again.

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