Single Review: Charlie Masso – “Yo No Vivo Sin Ti”

The popular member of the Puerto Rican group, Menudo, Charlie Masso decided that it was time to get back into the music scene with a new solo hit, “Yo No Vivo Sin Ti.” He released the single on all digital platforms this past April and has already been touring around Latin America promoting his new song and his upcoming venture.

“Yo No Vivo Sin Ti” is classic Charlie Masso style with him confessing love to fans making his lady fans swoon. His vocals are just as great as ever and with the right promotion, Charlie has the potential to reach the romance music that is popular today with bands like Rio Romo and Camila. The new era of romantic ballads is music heavy versus vocal-heavy like in the ’80s and 90’s when Charlie had his hay day. Much has changed since Masso’s solo days when major labels gave everyone contracts and albums. Today, major labels are picky so artists are going the indie route to get their music heard. Charlie is no exception and is embracing the independence of the music industry.

Besides a fabulous heart-tugging single, Charlie has created a management company called CMasso to help other artists break into the industry. With much experience in the music industry, both good and bad, Charlie is a perfect person to give other indieĀ artists the tools and knowledge of what it takes to make it and struggle for radio play and popularity in such a tough market.

Charlie Masso was part of Menudo during the 80’s golden era and became one of the most popular members due to his sultry vocal styles. During his time in the group, Charlie had a lot of ballads which allowed him to perfect that romantic persona that led him to a brief success in Mexico and Latin America as a soloist. Charlie released five albums as a soloist with his last studio album being a tribute to Jose Jose. Charlie also became part of the original Menudo reunion, “El Reencuentro.” Fans hoped to see the guys come back as soloists after the end of that tour, but it took Charlie until recently to decide to come back to let that seductive voice be heard without the backup of his old Menudo pals.

“Yo No Vivo Sin Ti” is available to stream and download on all popular digital outlets.

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