Single Review: Kings Harem – “Shake It Up”

Ex-Menudo, Ruben Gomez is shaking it up with his indie band, Kings Harem

Hairbands, which are now considered “classic rock” are still around and have a huge following, just look at Moderatto out of Mexico. They made a killing as a hairband and have made their way back on to Top 40 radio. So, when you have someone who lives that life-like Ex-Menudo, Ruben Gomez, what better way to rock out than to have your own hairband.

Ruben has been working with Kings Harem, an indie band out of New York. Now, while their music really doesn’t fall within my guidelines for promoting, supporting, and reviewing; the band has one key element for me. Ruben.

So as a faithful Menudo fan, I am always willing to give a former Menudo member a chance and help introduce music fans to new music. Kings Harem is classic rock all the way and Ruben’s voice is perfect for this style of music. The combination works well for them.

Now, the song “Shake It Up” was originally released in 2012 as I am told by Spotify. This is the most recent single available which is why I decided to review this. While it isn’t my jam, it’s not all that bad. As I said, Ruben’s voice is perfect for the song.

What it is lacking is a catchy and memorable chorus. Yes, classic rock can have a chorus that grabs you by the balls and throws you up against the wall so it stays with you for a while. “Shake It Up” doesn’t do that for me. Now, Ruben don’t hate me for saying this but the chorus sounds like a boy band that lacks harmony and rhythm.

While this is a review of the single, not all of Kings Harem’s songs are that way. Many of the other tracks available on Spotify are pretty decent featuring Ruben’s vocal stylings. If you liked Menudo during their rock era, you can appreciate the genre that Ruben is hitting with his band. The group performs in small clubs and has been hitting the airwaves on some of the local rock stations in New York.

I’m proud that Ruben is continuing in the music and wish the band much success. If you get time, head over to Spotify and check out Kings Harem. That classic rock sound still is alive.

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