Erik Rubin – “Aqui Y Ahora” (2009)

When Erik Rubin, the former member of the pop group Timbiriche, was released, I was one of the first to grab this up and listen to it. I sat an listened to the album for hours on end knowing that Erik had progressed so much over that past ten years.

Erik’s first three albums focused heavily on rock, more of a classic rock sound and this album spawned some of Erik’s best hits. But when he released Quadrasonico in 2002 there was definitely a change. Erik had moved to pop/dance with the song, “Dame Amor” having a heavy disco sound. His next album, again, gave him a new sound. This time his pop influences moved from dance to a more organic style of music that focused more on Erik’s vocals than all the fancy gimmicks that pop stars play.

With Aqui Y Ahora, Erik continues with this same organic sound. Music is cleaner, crisp, and showcases Erik’s vocals. With listening to this album, I feel that Erik is right next to me with his band in a small, intimate club. This is a sound that lends itself to Erik’s sultry vocals that continue to better themselves. You can still hear the soul of a classic rocker, but with the musical style, it’s like you are listening to that classic rock guy sitting down for an acoustic set. It’s so raw, yet so alive.

This is Erik’s sound and it fits him so well… After years of struggling from label to label keeping his head above water, Erik achieves greatness with this album and his certification of a Gold Album proves that this is where Erik needs to style.

Now, this album was released 8 years ago and it hard to say where Erik will go next since his stent with Ex-Timbiriche members Sasha Sokol and Benny Ibarra is over. Erik, ultimately, will return to his own music and it is exciting to see where Erik will go. If SBE’s Vuelta Al Sol is any indication, Erik will be sure to continue with the success that is well deserved.

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