Album Review: “Nos Vamos De Vacaciones” (1989)

In the late 80s, Discos Melody was trying to pump up the popularity of their artists by releasing various compilation albums. They released Christmas albums, tributes to various musicians like Agustin Lara, and this album featuring six of my favorite 880sartists…Nos Vamos De Vacaciones.

Starting from the top corner, Hector Suarez Jr had just released his first album, but he wasn’t a top seller. The song, “Que Sera, Que Sucedera” was a fun little song that I like to sing along to but it didn’t do much to help Hector become any more famous. Hector did go on to release another album, but ultimately, he is more of an entertainer than a singer.

Sasha Sokol, who was only going by Sasha, already had two albums and an EP under her belt. She had Timbiriche fame on her side. Her song, “Detras Del Amor” was the second most successful song of the album and became a hit for the singer. The song was probably one of her best releases.

Dropping down on the cover, Alejandra Guzman has the most successful career of all the artists on this album, and the single, “Verano Peligroso” became that year’s anthem. Alejandra was more known for her parents. She had her debut album out and was releasing an EP of covers at the same time that Melody released this album. Alejandra banked on the song by releasing a movie by the same name.

Chao is a fairly unknown kind of singer. I first learned about Chao by his un-credited performance on Flans’s debut album with the song, “Susana.” Chao had two albums out under Melody, both terrific albums. The song, “Serenata” is not even remotely a good song, but that doesn’t mean that Chao’s performance here was bad. Chao is an under-appreciated singer and could have done a lot more with his music.

Next up, Alix had just left Timbiriche and was ready to start a career as a soloist. With a sweet and raspy voice, Alix was more like the girl next door than a singing sensation. “Siempre En Mi Corazon” was a decent song but did not lend well to her voice. Alix went on to release a full solo album that never amounted to more than some vinyl in a box.

And finally, Charlie Masso. Charlie already had one album under the Melody label and was about to release his second. The song, “Tiempo De Miel Y De Rosas” is a fun song and fits Charlie well.

Overall, this album is a treat, and it is a fun summer album that can appeal to almost everyone.

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