Is this the end of MenudoMania?

What’s happening with the MenudoMania Forever tour? Sadly, it feels as if it is falling apart right before our eyes before we have had a chance for a full-fledged tour.

The 80s pop group from Puerto Rico had called it, quits after many attempts to revive the group had failed, but remember of the “golden era” knew that Menudo fever couldn’t be gone forever. Six members from the golden era joined forces to create El Reencuentro. Rene, Johnny, Miguel, Ricky Melendez, Charlie, and Ray Reyes hit success with two very successful tours and the first-ever live album from Menudo. This reunion super-group began in 1998, continued to tour and perform together until 2015, when Johnny and Ricky decided to no longer be a part of the group. They cited issues with money as the reason for their abandonment.

Johnny and Ricky’s positions in the reunion group were replaced with one Robert Avellanet, who joined Menudo in the late ’80s and had no connection with his fellow bandmates. Robert won the hearts of the nostalgic middle-aged mothers and housewives, who rekindled their love affair with Menudo with El Reencuentro. This change also included one big/MAJOR bonus, they would allow the guys to use the Menudo name and logo for their new tour.

This new and most awesome tour would be a Menudo fans perfect wet dream, in theory. Not only would Robert join the group, but so would Rawy Torres, who traveled with the band at the same time as Robert. Then add the return of MDO, and to top it off, special appearances by almost any member who wanted to come back, which many did. Now we have MenudoMania.

The term Menudomania was founded in the early ’80s and like Menuditis, it was a term that gave fans who were infected by the love for Menudo. And in 2016, Menudomania hit Miami with a massive trip down memory lane. Rene, Miguel, Charlie, Ray, Robert, Rawy, Jonathon, Abel, Alexis, Ashley, Didier, Daniel, and Pablo united for a concert that hoped to have a mega-sized turnout. The concert’s reception didn’t have as good of crowds as El Reencuentro’s concert tour, but it sparked fan’s love again, especially those in Mexico and Central American countries.

After the concert, various members of the supergroup began appearing on television programs for interviews and oddly enough the members appearing changed time, mostly keeping Charlie Masso as the spokesperson for the group and tour. When certain members seem to be lost in the group’s interviews, you start to wonder what was going on. Fans realized as dates set that there are two sets of concerts. Menudo concerts with five members: Rene, Ray, Miguel, Charlie, and Robert, then there were Menudomania concerts, the reunion super concert.

On July 7, 2016, both Rene and Ray announced that they will not be appearing any long in the Menudomania Forever reunion tour but would continue as Menudo. They both cited their reasons were financial against the creator of the Menudomania tour. The tour continued on without Rene and Ray, but also without huge participation from Miguel, as well. He seemed to have moved away from the concerts to a small guest appearance and having a presence similar to a godfather. Charlie Masso is the only member left from the group’s golden era.

As fans and social media play a big part in everyone’s world, they connect fans to former members of the group and accusations began to fly over the media and publicity. Members like Adrian Olivares had his name on the flyers for Mexico concerts, yet Adrian was never even asked to be a part of the reunion. Some say that Ray Acevedo was kicked out of the tour during rehearsals because of attitude problems.

Now, Charlie Masso announced via social media that he too was leaving the group because of financial reasons against the creators of the reunion tour. He has even been removed from the concert tours official website. Seems to me that all your original members have disbanded for the same reason and it leaves us with no one representing the original group. Remember, Miguel (who has not officially left) is not performing full concerts any longer. Not that there is anything wrong with Robert and Rawy and Jonathon (who only true faithful fans will know), but MDO is not Menudo.

So where does this leave Menudo (the group) and Menudomania (the reunion)? It’s hard to say, but it feels that without the representation of the original members, there is not a Menudomania even necessary. It may be time to retire Menudo once and for all.

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