Morat – “Sobre El Amor Y Sus Efectos Secundarios” (2016)

In 2015, the pop band from Columbia released the single, “Mi Nuevo Vicio” as a duet with Mexican pop diva, Paulina Rubio. The song was hit for Paulina and gave the members of Morat a chance to make a name for themselves. The following year, Morat released their debut album named Sobre El Amor Y Sus Efectos Secundarios. 

The first track from the album their version of “Mi Nuevo Vicio” without Paulina. The track doesn’t have the same vibe, but ultimately it is still a fun song to sing. It might be hard to make a success of this track if they decide to make it one of their singles, just because the world knows the Paulina version. If they had not released this track originally as a duet, it could have easily been the first single from the album.

Actually, the first single is entitled “Como Te Atreves” which was released in 2015, which I don’t think had much going for it. Honestly, there are so many better songs to have used as the first single. Songs such as “Cuanto Me Duele” and “En Un Solo Dia” both have the same vibe as “Mi Nuevo Vicio” and could easily have served as singles to promote the group’s sound, which is sometimes a little hard to figure out what it is.

Sometimes, I feel like the band has a distinctive sound and for the most part, they do, various tracks divert from the tracks a little and I think I am about to listen to a country song or even an Irish polka. The band does solo it down for two ballads, one of which is a duet with Cali Y El Dandee. So ultimately, what does Morat sound like?

Morat has a terrific pop song with hooks that grab you and the choruses are catchy. Being from Columbia, there is a distinctive sound that is found in many other artists such as Carlos Vives. That Columbia influence is definitely present in many of their tracks. I am glad that Morat included the Paulina Rubio version on the album. Overall, Morat plants their feet solid in the music world with an album that is accessible to a nice mass market.

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