OV7 – “Forever 7” (2012)

In 2003, OV7 said good-bye to their fans just to come back in 2010 with a Primera Fila album. Their comeback wasn’t with all the members, though. Kalimba decided against the return as he was in the middle of his own career. Fast forward 2 years later and another member of the group decided to not continue with the group’s hope of return. Now with 5 members, OV7 released its first full studio album since 2001 with Siete Latidos. Forever 7 was released with the five remaining members of the group but wasn’t the most successful album of the group’s time.

Sometimes a good idea turns out to be the worst idea. The five members thought it was a good idea to return as a full-fledged group and not a reunion tour with a cover album. This idea did very well with artists such as Fey, Maria Jose, and even Patricia Manterola. OV7 took popular 80’s and 90’s English language songs, translated them into Spanish (for the most part) and released what we know as Forever 7.

At first, I was excited when this album announced as I thought I would have an album that I knew the songs to and with the voices I had grown to love, how could it be bad. How wrong I was… I am a fan of OV7 since they turned pop, but that does not mean I have to love, or even like everything the group releases. Sadly, OV7 failed at presenting an album to was even remotely good. Now, before you go off and get your feather ruffled for me stating this, you have to understand why I think this way.

The member of OV7 can actually sing, so the fact that every track on the album using so much auto-tune, that their voices almost become unrecognizable. Just because US artists are making a killing using autotune, doesn’t mean you have to join the crowd of lousy singers hiding their true voices. Plus, I understand about covering songs that are worldwide hits, but sadly the group chose some of the worst songs of all time to cover. Just because “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” was a hit by Wham in the ’80s doesn’t mean that someone can bring it back and any better than it was then. A bad song then is still a bad song now.

OV7 has proven themselves over the years to have longevity and talent, it seemed like a waste to release an album that doesn’t bring out those talents. While the album didn’t have much success, it didn’t hurt them too much as they released another album of all new songs the following year which did much better than Forever 7.

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