El Viaje De Elliot – “Cuentos Que Olvidé en Tu Desván” (2016)

El Viaje De Elliot releases an album that could possibly be one of the best of 2016

This morning, I found myself another band to my collection of music. El Viaje De Elliot is a pop-rock band from Spain in the area of Valencia that began their career in 2012. The band consists of four members though the face and voice of the band is Fran Roldan. While I listened and enjoy the band’s second album, I stalked their social media pages to find out more about the band.

Over the past four years, the band has been releasing quite a few singles over the digital platforms. Those singles are not on the album, Cuentos Que Olvidé En Tu Desván. This is good because it is all brand new music that fans will enjoy. Their twitter account is already over 10,000 fans before their album was even released. Those fans came from their popular first singles like, “Gitana” and ”Despacito y con buena letra.” These songs were released on an indie CD in 2012 in Spain.

With this new album, it seems that the frontman man, Fran Roldan has become what they are promoting. He not only sings the vocals for the band but also writes the music too. With the numbers of fans following the group, it shows that they are a promising upcoming band out of Spain and by the music I heard on the album, we all need to pay attention.

Listening to the music, Fran’s voice reminds me a little bit like Puerto Rican pop singer, Chayanne; but the music is nothing to be compared. Behind the pop and rock, one can hear some of the Spanish influences to their music and sound. I love that they incorporate the flamenco sounds in a track like “Corazon Gitana.”

What I like about the band’s music is it sound pure. The instruments are basic and stripped down from all the fancy tricks. The drums are solid, guitars sound like they are next to you. They still have a very independent feel to them, but the production of the album is nothing by stellar. Might be a great contender for the best album of 2016.

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