Alessandra – “Alessandra” (2010)

Mexican singer, Alessandra Rosaldo made a name for herself in the pop duo, Sentidos Opuestos, but left the group to become a soloist and has pretty good success for herself. She has been going strong since 2002 when she released her first album Alter Ego.

As with Alter Ego, two albums were released for the album. One that is dominantly in Spanish while the second version contained English language translations to her Spanish songs. This is exactly what Alessandra as done again with her self-titled album, Alessandra. The English version of the album is entitled, Breathless, but I will not really be talking about that album today.

This album released in 2010 contains twelve tracks that you can stream online or download for your personal enjoyment. The album is mostly in Spanish with the exception of the last two tracks. “Livin’ On A Prayer” is a cover of Bon Jovi’s popular 80’s pop song. And the other, “Did You Lie” is an English cover of Sentidos Opuestos’ famous song, “Donde Estan?” A highlight from the album is that she actually recorded an updated version of “Donde Estan?” for the album and it is featured here.

Alessandra is that singer who has a solid fan base from her time with Sentido Opuestos and her soap opera days. Overall, she maintains a style and sound that hasn’t really changed much. This could be both bad and good for her career. Though she is not lacking popularity as she has her own television program on the Mexican channel, Ritmoson; she isn’t topping the charts with her music.

If you blinked in 2010, you missed this album. It had mediocre success, but I contribute that with the album being released independently. I have not seen the album in a physical media format, so I think it is possible that this album was only available for the masses via download. With that, I can see why one could miss it. I did. I barely found out about this album this year.

It’s a decent album and I recommend that download if you are a fan of 90’s music.

You can follow Alessandra on Twitter at: @alexrosaldo

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