Eduardo Capetillo – “Dame Una Noche” (1991)

Dame Una Noche is the debut album of Eduardo Capetillo as an adult. Many people might not know that before Timbiriche, Eduardo was a successful children’s singer. He also performed with Timbiriche in Vaselina in 1984 before joining the band in 1986. After Eduardo left the group in 1989 for a career on his own. These first jobs were as a singer in three different soap operas in Mexico. He starred in “Morir Para Vivir” first, but his success came with the next two Televisa soaps.

Eduardo Capetillo begins his solo career with Dame Una Noche

Eduardo Capetillo starred as Eduardo Casablanca in the soap opera “Alcanzar Una Estrella.” He then reprised his role for the sequel. It was with the sequel that Eduardo launched a music career to go along with the acting. The song, “Mas Que Alcanzar Una Estrella” was featured in the sequel soap opera. It was also used in the movie based on the telenovela of the same name. Eduardo was smart to include that song on his debut album. He promoted the album at the same time as the movie. This song was co-written by Eduardo, sharing the credit with the famous Ricardo Arjona.

Speaking of songwriters, Miguel Mateos lent his talents to the song, “Por Una Noche Mas.” And Argentine singer-songwriter, Alejandro Lerner created one of my favorites, “Me Dijeron.”

Dame Una Noche is all over the board with different music styles. You have a song that sounds like it should be a country tune, a Latin rhythm, ballads, and 60’s rock. It’s all there making the album a mishmash mixed tape. That broad base of genres might through some people off, but it almost feels like Eduardo is trying a little bit of everything in order to find himself. Each song as an individual is great. I love all the songs on the album with the exception of “Todavia.” As a whole, the album is too overwhelming with sounds and lacks a coherent work of art.

Current Eduardo is still acting and singing but has focused on ranchero music. You can follow him on Twitter at @ECapetillo

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