Benny Ibarra – “Estoy: Live” (2006)

Benny Ibarra released his first live album in 2006 as a 2CD digipak in Mexico. Twenty-nine tracks make up the complete production. He recorded the album at the Auditorio Nacional in November of 2005. Benny’s live concert is a fun listen. You can tell he is a well-trained singer and musician. He sounds just as good as he does in the studio.

The album begins with a brand-new track, “Siempre Mas.” The song isn’t sung live but is a studio-recorded track. I feel that this track is out of place and probably should have been placed at the end of the album, so we can get the full feel of the concert. The concert begins with track two and the song, “Donde Nace El Sol.” It feels to be one of the best versions of open the concert. Within the first three concert tracks, you really get into the show. I am a little upset that Benny lacked the forethought to release a DVD of this with the two discs. A complimentary video would have completed the package.

Benny Ibarra Estoy is one of the best live albums of the decade

After “Mas De Ti,” Benny advances to his slower repertoire¬†with lots of ballads and slower pop tunes. This style of music is what Benny is known for and does very well. The production of the live album is superb. You can’t even tell the song changes throughout the files on the CD or even while listening to it via iTunes. The flow of the editing makes me feel like I am really there. This is shown very well during the transition from “No Demos Paso Atras” and the next song, “Sutil Dolor.” There is not even a skip in beats with the music. I liked that Benny changed up that song, which originally was a ballad. Sutil Dolor became a fast track that lends itself well. You can’t even tell what song you are listening to while he performs it.

Benny is a great musician and performer. He will be classified as one of the musical geniuses of our generation in the future. Benny’s music travels decades and doesn’t feel dated at all. This album is ten years old and feels like it was recorded yesterday. It is definitely worth the purchase for a great live pop album. Too bad there is not a DVD to go along with this package.

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