Benny Ibarra – “Asi” (2005)

Benny Ibarra releases a follow-up to his 2003 album Llueve Luz entitled Asi

In 2005, Benny released the album, Asi, filled with lots of ballads and very few pop tracks. The album is created with a unique combination of songwriters and musicians on this album. It also marks the first collaboration between Timbiriche members, Benny and Erik Rubin.

In his previous albums, Benny had worked heavily with Memo Mendez Guiu and Paulyna Carraz for the production and songs. This time, Benny seems to be branching out a bit more using a wider variety of great musicians. Singer-songwriter, Chetes participates with writing the song, “A Veces,” along with involving himself with some of the instruments on that song and others. Erik Rubin co-wrote two of the songs on the album, also. The song, “Detras De Ti” is a brilliant track of the two friends working together, probably the best of the album.

Of all of Benny’s previous albums, Asi is likely to be the most disliked of the five albums. It has a few good tracks like “Detras De Ti” and “No Demos Paso Atrás.”  As I mentioned before, it has tons of ballads on it, but they don’t feel like the same caliber of sentimental sap that we are used to from his first three albums. Musically, the album is great. It has perfect sound, but those ballads are not singable.

With all that said, I am a tad disappointed in the album as I wanted to like it a lot. The album ends on a great note with two excellent tracks but lacks the love and romance that I hoped for with it.

Benny is currently working on a new album, which should be released after the end of the Sasha Benny Erik tour in Mexico. Follow Benny on Twitter to keep up with all his upcoming works at @bennyibarra

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