Pablo Alboran – “Tour Terral: Tres Noches En Las Ventas” (2015)

Continuing on with the reorganization of my CD collection, I have come to Pablo Alboran. His CD Tour Terral “Tres Noches En Las Ventas” was purchased for my collection because my wife told him that I would like him. She had been watching the channel Ritmoson while she waits for me to get home and saw one of his videos. She told him that he was totally pop and would fit in my little world. Unheard, I purchased the CD at Target and sadly it is not a complete version of the album.

Apparently, the CD/DVD combo has only about half the songs on the CD portion of the set. The US DVD is also missing a song too. The song, “En Casa Del Herrero” is not featured on the DVD in the US. The CD, as I mentioned, is missing more than half the songs that are available to listen to on Spotify. This album only features 16 of the 30 live tracks.

“Vivela” was a great song and performance to end Pablo Alboran’s Tour Terral.

Pablo Alboran, who hails from Málaga, Spain, doesn’t seem to fall within the music that rocks my world. He seems to be a little too slow and contemporary for me. I usually like live albums, especially if it’s an album that rocks out. But Pablo is putting me to sleep. The last song on the album, “Vivela” is the best song from the concert, in my opinion. It was a great song and performance to close the concert.

Sadly, I am a completist so more Pablo Alboran might be in my future. He is pop music, just a more contemporary style than I appreciate.

Check out the whole concert on Spotify below and follow Pablo on Twitter at @pabloalboran

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