Bajofondo – “Mar Dulce” (2008)

Bajofondo scores with Mar Dulce, and it’s duets with top-selling pop artists

As I continue to reorganize my CD collection, I found that this album of Bajofondo was not ripped into MP3 for my iPod. I ran to my wife to tell her because she likes the group and now she will have “new” music from them. We only had the newest album, Presente, on our iPods.

Bajofondo is an Argentine/Uruguayan tango-electronic fusion band that plays mostly instrumental music with an exception. They usually will feature singers to their music. With Mar Dulce, the band features a variety of artists performing with them. Most noteworthy from this album are Gustavo Cerati and Julieta Venegas. The Julieta Venegas song is probably the most recognized song from the album, with “Pa’ Bailar.” Also among the featured singers is Nelly Furtado and Elvis Costello, who don’t fall within the Pop En Espanol guidelines.

The songs that they recorded with Gustavo Cerati and Julieta Venegas are the best from the album. Even though I think those are better than the others, the album as a whole is well produced. It is nice to listen to it as a complete work than as individual songs.

The band began in 2000 as a studio experiment, and they decided to release their first album in 2002. The used the same fishnet stocking cover for that album as they did here, just a little different look of the curve and angle. Their newest album Presente uses the same pattern, with a different perspective and a little closer. They have kept the same style for all the albums, which is cool.

I enjoyed the album as a whole, though I believe it must be heard as a whole. Listen to it below to understand how well it was produced, then follow the band on Twitter at @Bajofondo.

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