Alexander Acha – “Voy” (2008)

Alexander Acha’s name seemed familiar over the years, so when I found his album on the discount rack of a Latin music store in Houston, I picked it up. I didn’t know what I would get into when I purchased it. I added all the new music to my iPod, but this album rarely pops up on shuffle. He just happened to be the first artist on the shelf as I am reorganizing my CD shelf. The reorganization is geared toward the website as I am want to review all the music I own before going out and adding to my collection. It makes it feel less overwhelming.

What I have come to find out about Alexander is that he is the son of the pop singer, Emmanuel. I didn’t know that. When I first began to listen to the album Voy, I thought his voice sounded familiar but couldn’t place him. Now, it makes sense. I do hear a lot of his dad in his music. You might think he is trying to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

The album is produced by Loris Ceroni, who had a strong presence in the ’80s. He wrote and produced music for many of the most popular artists of the decade, but it seems he is still pumping out music. While he did not write the songs for this album, his sound is present on the album. This album could easily be heard in the ’80s or ’90s. All the songs on this album are written by Alexander Acha. In 2009, Alexander won the Latin Grammy for the best new artist.

I don’t think I was disappointed in the purchase of the CD, but I don’t think it Grammy-worthy. Alexander Acha is going to appeal to a contemporary fan base more than the younger crowds. If he continues, I foresee him going down the same path as his father and becoming a star to the over-forty crowd.

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