MDO – “Sabe A Ti” (2008)

This wasn’t an MDO line-up that I followed while they were active. I had a few songs on my playlist, but for the most part, these guys are pretty unfamiliar.

In 2002, the MDO that I knew decided to break-up; but then in 2005, the group returned with all new members. In 2005, three of the contestants from the TV talent show Objetivo Fama joined the group. Daniel Rodríguez, Elliot Suro, and Luis Montes joined Lorenzo Duarte to create a new MDO.

MDO Sabe A Ti plays like a band and not a boyband

This was the first time the group’s image wasn’t a singing/dance group. Instead, they had guitars and decided to be a band. Well, with all the members having guitars instead of dividing up the guys to make an actual band might have hurt the group. I don’t think it went over as well as it should have. MDO is not a band, they are a pop group. Fans are used to seeing their hot guys jumping all over the stage.

Putting all the image issues aside, the music from the album is pretty good. My favorite track is “Dime Cuando Y Donde.” I am sure that anyone who knows me can tell all my favorite tracks. “Mi Corazon” is very well produced. “Si Me Quisieras” is another favorite track.

Most of the ballads from the album sound like they are trying to be a knock-off our Rio Roma or Sin Bandera. Let’s just slit my wrist. Fans love that stuff, but I can live without them. There is a good ballad, then there are annoying ballads. I love ballads that you can turn up the music and belt it out with them. I didn’t find any of that one this album.

Overall, the album is decent for the group’s final album. MDO does come back to life, but with the original members. Occasionally, Lorenzo will perform with them. They have a new single, Ya No Queda Mas.

You can follow MDO’s come back on Twitter at @MDOisback

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