Paulina Rubio – “Gran City Pop” (2009)

Depending on who you ask, Paulina Rubio could be considered the queen of Latin pop. Over the years, Paulina has taken the crown from a couple of contenders, but it changes hands so rapidly. In 2009, Paulina Rubio released her album Gran Pop City. The first single, “Causa Y Efecto” was an instant hit with a classic sound that fans love from Paulina. But that same year, Paulina was going up against with Thalia’s Primera Fila, the debut album from Paty Cantu, and another album from Maria Jose.

For me, and many others, Paulina Rubio Gran Pop City, seemed to get shadowed. I had this album on my shelf for years, and when I went to find it on my iTunes, I realized I only had three songs from the album. This elimination meant that Gran Pop City never made it to my play rotation. When I put the CD on for a listen and a review, I was blown away to know that I don’t know hardly any of the songs from this album. Paulina is an artist that has always stayed in my rotation since her debut album. It is odd that this was so overlooked.

In case you closed your eyes in 2009, Paulina Rubio released an album that could be the best of the year

Am I missing anything? Maybe. “Causa Y Efecto,” “La Danza Del Escorpion,” and “Algo De Ti” are the songs I had and seem to be the best from the album. But the music is classic Paulina Rubio, so it is possible with more plays, I could find myself in love with this album as I have been with a lot of her previous albums. Mario Domm of Camila wrote two of the songs off the album. Paulina

Mario Domm of Camila wrote two of the songs off the album. Paulina Rubio also wrote some of the songs in collaboration with Estefano and Coti Sorokin. Musically, the album has all the potential to take the reigns for Paulina to be the queen of pop for 2009. I am impressed with the album as a whole and still am dumbfounded on how I missed this in my collection.

The version of the album I own is the CD/DVD combo. It contains eleven standard tracks, plus two bonus tracks of “Causa Y Efecto” (Cause and Effect). One is a banda version; the other is a club mix radio edit. The DVD contains the video to the single and two different documentaries, as well as a photo gallery. The song “Ya Fue” is not included on the Spotify streaming album.

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