Guevara – “Ahora Si” (2016)

Spanish singer, Guevara releases a fun and retro fourth album, Ahora Si

Hailing from Barcelona, singer Lidia Guevara (or just Guevara) is currently promoting her recently released a new album. Ahora Si is the fourth studio album that contains ten tracks that take you back to a simpler time in music.

Guevara Ahora Si album transports you to the early ’60s when female singers and girl groups were plentiful and all the rage. Incorporating that sound, along with some traditional influences of Cuban and Flamenco music, the album is a fun flashback. The first single, “Pastillas” is a surf-pop song that infuses itself with Spain’s classic Flamenco. It makes you feel like you are in the middle of a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Among the quirky little songs, “Radionovela” feels like you are on the beach in the ’50s. “Carnaval” embraces that Cuban carnival vibe. But out of all of the track, I think that “Ahora Que Ya No Estas” is the most noteworthy. It has that 70’s pop style that I love. One of the things I like about Guevara Ahora Si album is that it comes off as timeless. While the album digs into the sounds of the past, Guevara has a way of making the music sound fresh and renewed. While the music is completely different, artists like April March with “Chick Habit” made a killing off of embracing the 50s-60s surf music.

The album, which is already on sale in physical and digital format, was recorded at Atlantis Studios and produced by Mario Patiño, Edgar Beltri, and Humbert Aparicio.

You can follow Guevara on Twitter at @LidiaGuevara

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