Eva Ruiz – “11 Vidas” (2016)

After being noticed on “La Voz Kids,” Eva Ruiz releases debut album, 11 Vidas

Music fans in Spain became aware of Eva Ruiz on the popular reality television contest, La Voz Kids. Eva may have been eliminated in the grand finale, but she scored herself a deal with Warner Music Spain in the process. 11 Vidas is the name of the Eva Ruiz’s debut album that is receiving great reviews from fans and critics.

11 Vidas contains eleven tracks, two of which are in English. Another two tracks are duets, one with Ivan Torres (Efecto Pasillo), and the other is with Sergio Dalma. The duet with Ivan Torres happens to be one of the best tracks on the album. It’s a great duet that is very catchy and can easily be loved by pop music fans. Eva embraces the pop music genre with a nice ratio of upbeat tunes as well as ballads for those pop romantics.

The tracks that are in English are both ballads and I am pleased with her diction for the English language. A lot of artists have trouble with English ballads because of an accent, Eva Ruiz seems like a natural. I also like the fact that those songs are not English translations of another song off the album. They stand alone and while I usually am not a fan of ballads, she did a terrific job on them.

Eva Ruiz has a full calendar of shows in Spain over the next few months, but you can follow her on Twitter at @OficialEvaRuiz. She’s very active on social media and already has over 38,000 fans.

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