Calo – “La Leyenda” (2007)

In 2007, Calo reunited for an urban flared album, La Leyenda

After a successful run as Mexico’s “it” rap group, Calo disbanded in 1999 but returned in 2007 with the album, La Leyenda. With the album, the group focused on an urban rap. Sadly, it wasn’t accepted as well as the group’s previous album.

La Leyenda featured new songs as well as remakes of eight of the most prominent songs from the group’s history. Three of those eight tracks were duets with other artists. Ex-OV7 member and soloist, Kalimba joined in the song, “No Puedo Mas,” which is an excellent version of the track. “La Colegiala” featured Margarita La Diosa De La Cumbia. The version of the song fell along the lines of today’s urban genre with influences from cumbia.

The other duet is “Capitan” with Jay De La Cueva as Brian Amadeus from Moderatto. On one of the first Moderatto albums, the band recorded a cover of “Capitan” which was a huge success. The Moderatto sampled Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” for the chorus. The version was so popular that Calo kept the sample in their duet with Jay for this album.

Speaking of samples, Calo used a lot of their own original versions to sample intros like “No Puedo Mas” which used the girls’ voices for the beginning of the song. Also with this album, the vocals feature a lot more of Andres and Gerardo as solos than on previous albums.

With tons of bass, urban flavors and classic rap, Calo La Leyenda is an excellent but under-appreciated performance

With the eight other tracks on the album, making sixteen songs altogether, the group moved away from the dance/rap style that founded Calo. The music is rugged, more precise, and has tons of bass. Its urban flavors infused with classic rap created an underappreciated album.

The last track of La Leyenda is Calo’s most famous song, “La Taquiza,” which is performed entirely acapella. The members of the group used their vocals for all the instruments. In the past, Calo used to carry out this song live using their acapella voices for all sound effects. The group shows their rapping talents with this song on the album, as well as during live shows.

Calo La Leyenda is a big part of the group’s history and can serve as that stepping stone between Calo of the ’90s to Calo of the 10’s. The group has recently reunited and signed a contract with Bobo Producciones in Mexico. It will be interesting to see how Calo relates to the changes in the music industry compared to their previous life.

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